Motorcycle Adventure Festival

Umag, 23-26 September

FPF Croatia 2021 – How It Works

The Four Points motorcycle festival is designed for the riders! This is all controlled through our unique design of the event, the route apps, booking and guides. To get the full experience be sure to see how it all works and download the apps before you set off for the adventure. Assistance will also be available on-site at the FPF Info Desk at the Base Camp should you need it. All apps are free and even the WIFI is free at Base Camp.

The choice is yours – choose your routes, activity, circuit or skills track each day or just go for a free ride. You plan how you want your festival to be. Ride solo on hard off-road, with your partner on touring or bring the whole family and chill by the beach in one of the best 4-star camping sites in Istria!

How it works

The Festival

  • Four Points Festival is very simple – #WECOMETORIDE ! From this, the festival is based around routes, activities and action. This is not a music and bands festival or expo where you park your motorcycle for the weekend and then ride home. We encourage you to get out there and explore, learn and ride.
  • For any good adventure, you need a good base camp to prepare and rest at and so we choose sights that are quality, comfortable and in a great location. This isn’t about rough camping or how hard can you survive but to give you the best base to explore from and enjoy the riding. And of course the full camping experience with friends, good food and music at the end of the day.
  • For this we have planned and offer so many options and routes for you to choose from – you plan your festival how you want it. Touring, circuits, challenges or just ride to the coast and sit on the beach as it´s up to you. You will need to come for three years to do all the routes and activities on offer.
  • To manage this and control it we has partnered up with GPS route App REVER, to give you this freedom and choice. Also, the experience is important so we control the number of riders on a route, a class or a challenge through a booking app. The local community is important to us and the environment in which we ride so to quote the TET motto – respect, always respect for where we ride and those who live there.
  • All these services and apps are free and with free WIFI at base camp, you have the freedom to enjoy what we all love doing most – riding our motorcycles!

The Routes

  • FPF is proud to partner with REVER for the routes and GPS locations as well as the #WECOMETORIDE Main Event. Like us they are riders, people who get out on their motorcycles, ride hard and understand what we need from a routing App and motorcycle community.
  • In order to. receive the GPS routes and compete in some of the challenges you will need to download and install their amazing APP from the links below. Registration for the basic version is free and is all that is required for the event however for the full experience we recommend trying their pro version as well – a special deal available for the festival members.
  • Once at the. festival you will be able to scan a QR code for the routes and challenges you have registered for each day and that’s it! the route will load for you and you can follow at your own pace or times. The REVER app does not require DATA to work out on the route (so no roaming charges) but it does require a working GPS function on your mobile. And with free WIFI in Base Camp, you can load, check routes and plan all free before you leave.
  • Visit the REVER website for a full picture of the services and the amazing team behind them.

Booking Activities

  • To manage the adventure, action and activities FPF uses a booking platform to ensure the best experience and control for you. This is managed through our portal on the BOOKYWAY App and is free to download and use.
  • On the platform, you will find all the activities and can plan your own festival as you want. Most routes, base activities and challenges are included in your festival ticket with some additional or special activities or training either at a reduced cost or extra charge. You can book your activities for free or pay through the platform to book the more advanced action.
  • Bookings work on a first come first serve basis but you can also add yourself to the waiting queue in case someone cancels and if we see a large demand for one activity we may repeat it or extend it. Groups are normally limited to ensure safety and experience.
  • When you buy your ticket you will receive an email with a link and your free registration to the platform, enter your details and you are done. Booking for activities will be openeed approximately 1 month before the event. Those who have bought tickets before this date will have 24 hours advanced access for booking.
  • Activities may be changed, cancelled or rescheduled due to circumstances and at the discretion of the FPF ORganization however you will be updated on these changes through the app and via email to allow you to change or rebook.

Download The Apps

You will receive an email with a link and your FPF Login details when you buy your festival ticket.