Motorcycle Adventure Festival

Umag, 23-26 September

FPF Croatia 2021 – General Info

The Four Points motorcycle festival is designed for the riders! With 2 private Enduro circuits, 12 professionally designed GPS Off-Road and On-Road routes, guided routes, training sessions, skills tests, and fun challenges – the aim is to get on your motorcycle and ride!

Here is some basic information on travelling to Croatia, booking your package, camping ground tips and more.

General Info

Visiting Croatia

  • A few things we learned on our recent trip to Croatia:
  • Croatia is NOT in the EU Schengen Travel zone – Bring your Passport – Although we found that it was a very easy crossing with no issues as Croatia has a good relationship with the EU and the holiday tourism – and don’t forget your COVID Certificate
  • Although not officially in the EU most mobile phone companies have agreements for roaming in Croatia as if it was ….however we suggest you check with your provider before leaving to avoid getting cut off or surprise roaming charges – remember there is free WIFI at the FPF Base Camp
  • CASH CASH CASH – What most surprised us was the number of shops, restaurants and local services that only work in cash – no credit or debit cards – something they don’t tell you when you arrive so be sure to bring some cash (EUROS are accepted in almost all places) – there is also a cash machine at the FPF Base Camp for those who need to draw

FPF Local Discounts

  • FPF has arranged some special deals for festival members both in Umag and some other locations in Istria.
  • The best local cuisine – In the centre of Istria near the town of Pazin is our favourite little restaurant – well not so little as it can seat over 200 people – but it is our regular stop while touring and planning the event. We have arranged a special meal deal for any Festival members who may want to stop by while out riding.
  • It is recommended to book a table through the booking app or you can just arrive and show your accreditation. Here you can also get free water at any time during the festival dates.
  • Along with this, we have also arranged some local discounts with restaurants near the Base Camp – pizza and pasta. burgers and beer, grills, breakfast buffet and local shops.
  • We have arranged some local deals for your motorbike too. Services such as mechanics, tyres, repairs and transport if you need it located in Umag or nearby.
  • All the information will be available at the Base Camp Information and on the booking App.
  • Just some small extras for being a part of this amazing event!

Camping Tips

Camping tips we discovered in Umag and the Camping Stella Maris site

  • The pitches at the campsite have a loose gravel covering (small stones) – not grass so if you sleeping on the ground or in a tent, bring an air mattress or foam bed. The good thing is it is flat and in the case of rain there is no mud and the water drains away nicely.
  • Istria is basically one big rock. Whilst the Camping Stella Maris grounds are really world-class, underneath the surface it is hard. Don’t bring those skinny little aluminium pegs for your tents, be sure to have strong thick pegs and possibly a hammer – hammers will be provided by FPF but we cannot guarantee so come prepared.
  • NOTE: Whilst every camping pitch has an electric output, water and satellite point, the electric point is a 16A C-Form outlet for camper vans. If you wish to connect to the electric point be sure to bring an adaptor (see example). We will have some adaptors available for sale on site but cannot guarantee availability so best bring your own.
  • There is everything you could want, either at the Camping Stella Maris or within a five-minute walk – leave those dry pack meals and toilet paper at home!
  • In the camp, there is fresh fruit, vegetable and juice stall and a bakery with fresh bread every day. If you are like us at FPF you will be BBQing at the built-in BBQ in the camp! Also in the camp, there is a full bar and restaurant around the pool if you don’t feel like cooking. Across the road, there is a full supermarket with all the necessary items, beer and wine etc. The toilet and shower facilities are incredible, no need to bring paper but do bring your own soap and towel. Towels are provided though for those staying in mobile homes.
  • Be careful while riding around the campsite – the loose gravel in some places collects and be deceptive. If you turn too fast – well we will be picking you up ad you get to ring the bell for the fallen! We will be checking the roads before the event but be aware and ride safe.

Booking Tips, families and groups

  • For the real FPF experience, we recommend booking a package and staying at the campsite. We believe it is the perfect end to a long day riding when you can sit around the BBQ and laugh about what happened that day with old friends or new ones!
  • If you are booking in a group and buying individual tickets but would like to be camped together, please make sure to add the group name or your friend’s names in the comments section when booking. Private group pitches and larger group pitches can be arranged as well.
  • Mobile homes must be booked as a unit. If you wish to share a mobile home with friends then you will need to buy one package for the group to get the shared price. You cannot book individual tickets for mobile homes if you wish to share a unit. Each individual will receive an email with the booking details following confirmation.
  • If you want to bring your trailer, camper van, mobile home or maybe a wigwam just contact us and we will arrange the space needed.
  • Families are welcome and where else can you go riding all day at a festival while the family go to the beach and activity parks – the perfect holiday for the whole family! Children under 12 are free. Again, if you book a camping or mobile home for the family, please be sure to comment on the number of people and ages in the booking.
  • Buying Festival Day Passes or booking a Festival Package with accommodation is done through our ticketing partner at the following link: FPF Croatia 2021 Booking Partner
  • See the prices and what’s included with each option on this link: Tickets & Packages

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