Motorcycle Adventure Festival

Umag, 23-26 September

FPF Croatia 2021 – Before You Ride

Every good traveller or adventurer knows that preparing before you leave is half the journey done. Especially in today’s times with COVID-19 regulations changing every day, it is even more important. Check out the information on travelling to Croatia and back home.

Once you have packed and ready to ride be sure to check the routes we recommend into Umag, whether fast and easier or the more scenic route, join a group riding in from key cities all around Europe or challenge for the longest ride in.

Before you leave

COVID-19 Travel

  • Travelling to Croatia and the current COVID-19 situation is the most important question and concern for all of us, not only for the event in Croatia but also the home countries of all the attendees. Unless a direct government order to close is given, we will go ahead with this festival whether we are only 10 riders or 1000.
  • We at Four Points Festival are committed to running this event to the utmost regulations and safety for all. We have designed this event, in particular, to facilitate this including that all activities and events are outdoors, small controlled groups and limited numbers at any one time. Certain events like the EXPO or entertainment may be limited this year but we will still continue ahead with the core – #WECOMETORIDE.
  • Some of the important questions for all we understand are –
    • What certification do I need to enter Croatia from my home country?
    • Must I be vaccinated to enter Croatia, or is a PCR test sufficient?
    • Must I get a PCR Test in Umag before travelling back to my home country?
    • What certification do I need to return to my home country after the festival?
  • With the ever-changing situation and developments, we cannot answer for every situation BUT WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND visiting the Central European Union Site for regulations and information – RE-OPEN EU – or download their APP to confirm the situation for your own country and will constantly update on this website and via social media the status in Croatia.
  • As of 25/08/2021, the following is required to enter Croatia for a holiday
  • Mandatory Travel Documentation
    • For a faster border crossing, it is recommended to fill out the form at ENTERCROATIA prior to departure.

Join a Group Ride to FPF

Longest Ride In

  • There will be a special prize for the person who travels the furthest to attend a Four Points Festival. For this edition in Croatia, it will be no different and to recognize the travellers and adventurers we challenge those for the longest ride in.
  • In order to qualify, you must download the REVER App (it´s free) from the links below and register yourself and your motorbike.
  • You must then record the journey on REVER from the start of your journey to your arrival at Four Points Festival Croatia 2021. DATA is not required to record via REVER but an active GPS is necessary. Upon arrival register your journey with us at the FPF Info Desk and the winner will be announced on Saturday night. Mosko Motos and other partners have offered some great small prizes to the top three arrivals.
  • Rules:
    • The route must be logical and within a sensible time frame.
    • Route must always head in the general direction of the festival (no loops)
    • Route may be done in one day or more however stops in one location for more than 2 nights will not be registered
    • Journeys will be classified by distance and not time (so ride safely) and judges decisions will be final